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September 3, 2013
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Since people can remember teabags, beans and cacao people are enemies.
The beans tried to explain this with an old story about a bean, who was killed by a cacao woman, because he killed her baby. We don't know if this story is based on a true incident, but the beans belive it. The beans  criticize the cacaos for drinking coffee and eating chocolate. Also the beans hate the cacao people because the cacaos  reproach the beans for stealing their culture. The beans think they are the chosen species. They have a strong belive in their gods, while cacaos don't belive in any god.
The beans blame us teabags for beliving in glob and science. They think we are disgusting, because we are drinking our own body and coffee.
The cacaos have an old fairytail about a little cacao girl, whos dad was killed by beans. In this story there is also a teabag, who deceived the girl and stole her food. All we know that 230 years ago a famous cacao scientist was sacrificed by the beans, while he was working on the old story about beans stealing cacao culure. This is another reason. The cacaos, who seam to have no culture still belive that the beans stole their culture. They say they got evidence that the coffeegod Ek Chuah was orignaly a cacaogod.
The cacaos never liked us teabags, but they don't hate us as much as they hate the beans. They think we are petty, devious and much too intelligent. They still think that Malva tea people belong to their kingdom and shouldn't pair with other teabags.
Now to us teabags. We once loved the beans for their interesting culture, but that was over when they stared wars because of the things we put in our museums. They started blaming us for things we never did and called us cannibals. Many wars followed and the hate grew.
We teabags belive that the cacaos evolution stoped before they got really inteligent. They have the IQ of a child and the muscles of a gorilla. They don't belive in glob or science.They stole our Malva tea babys. They struggled against becoming part of the English Kingdom.
This are only a few of the reasons why the relationship between teabags, beans and cacaos is so bad and we will never become allies.
...between teabags, beans and cacao people by Rose Hiptea
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elevonART Sep 3, 2013  Student Artist
Beautifully written.
What a great piece of literature!
Keep it up :)
elevonART Sep 3, 2013  Student Artist
You are very welcome! ^ ^ you have talent and potential :)

If you have time please visit my Facebook page also. :) and maybe 'like' if you wish to keep updated, it would mean a lot to me.
I would do it, but I don't have a facebook account
elevonART Sep 3, 2013  Student Artist
No problem!
keep up the great work your making and you will be successful :)
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